Agent ART Group

This is the home page of the Agent Applications, Research, and Technology (Agent ART) group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool.

The Agent ART group carries out basic and applied research into intelligent autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. Agents are computer systems that are capable of self-interested autonomous action in dynamic, unpredictable environments in order to meet their design objectives. A multiagent system is a collection of such agents; typically, such agents must interact with one-another in order to achieve their individual objectives. Such interaction may require the ability to dynamically cooperate, coordinate, and negotiate.

The Agent ART group at Liverpool is one of Europe's leading agent research groups. Members of the group carry out internationally respected research on all aspects of agent systems, although the group has particular strengths in the areas of Theoretical Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems, Argumentation and Dialogue, Ontologies and the Semantic Web (Semantic Web Technologies Lab), and Data Mining. Since 1995, members of the group have published at every major agents conference and AI conference (including IJCAI, AAAI, ECAI, AAMAS, and many others), and have published many books on the subject.

About the Agent ART Group