Complexity Theory and Algorithmics Group

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Permanent members
Dr. Irina Biktasheva  Computational mathematics; computational biology; mathematical physics; autowaves and autowave vortices; computer modeling for cardiology; high performance computing
Prof. Leszek Gąsieniec  Distributed and parallel computing; network communication; algorithmic agent design; string matching
Prof. Leslie Ann Goldberg  Computational counting; dichotomy theorems; randomized algorithms/Markov chain mixing times
Dr. Dariusz Kowalski  (head of group) Distributed computing; networking algorithms; combinatorial and randomized data structures
Dr. Russell Martin  Markov chains, mixing times; randomized algorithms; distributed algorithms; game theory
Dr. Igor Potapov  Design and analysis of algorithms; computational models and automata theory; decidability issuess
Dr. Prudence Wong  On-line scheduling and competitative analysis; computational biology
Dr. Michele Zito  Randomized algorithms; matching and colouring problems; random structures and processes
Postdoctoral researchers
Dr. David Richerby  Computational counting; randomized algorithms (working with Leslie Goldberg)
PhD Students
Mohammed Arikiez   Smart home energy management systems (main supervisor: Michele Zito)
Mihai Burcea  Energy-efficient algorithms; energy-efficient scheduling; windows scheduling; dynamic bin packing (main supervisor: Prudence Wong)
Andrew Collins  Algorithmic mobile agent design; experimental algorithmics (main supervisor: Leszek Gąsieniec)
Ashley Farrugia   Dynamic vehicle routing mechanisms; off-line and online time series analysis of vehicle data (main supervisor: Leszek Gąsieniec)
Andreas Goebel   Computational counting; computational complexity; randomized algorithms; probabilistic computation (main supervisor: Leslie Ann Goldberg)
Thomas Gorry  Distributed computing; algorithmic agent design; rendezvous (main supervisor: Russell Martin)
Colin McQuillan  Constraint satisfaction problems (main supervisor: Leslie Ann Goldberg)
Thomas Nickson  Distributed algorithms; patterm formation; broadcasting automata; discrete geometry (main supervisor: Igor Potapov)
Jude-Thaddeus Ojiaku   Energy efficient algorithms (main supervisor: Prudence Wong)
Adjunct members
Professor Paul Goldberg  Computational game theory; machine learning
Dr. Piotr Krysta  Computational game theory; mechanism design; combinatorial optimization; computational complexity