Complexity Theory and Algorithmics Group

CTAG Projects

Here you can find examples of funded research projects, as well as examples of current research interests of group members, which might form potential PhD research topics, or other research proposals.

Current Research Grants

  • EPSRC grant EP/E062482/1. The Complexity of Counting in Constraint Satisfaction Problems. (L.A. Goldberg, joint with M. Dyer (Leeds) and M. Jerrum (QMUL).) (Oct 2007-Sept 2010). The project will lead to the appointment of two postdoctoral research fellows, one at Leeds, one at Liverpool.
  • EPSRC grant, EP/F029136/1 Concatenation state machines and simple functions - algorithms and complexity (LA Gasieniec, PW Goldberg and I Potapov), '07-08.
  • Geometric sensor networks with random topology, (LA Gasieniec, DR Kowalski, R Martin), Royal Society International Joint Project, IJP - 2007/R1, '07-09.
  • Algorithmic and Combinatorial Aspects of Radio Communication, (LA Gasieniec and DR Kowalski), Royal Society International Joint Project, IJP - 2006/R2, '06-08.
  • Computational problems for low-dimensional structures, Royal Society Grant, I. Potapov, IJP - 2007/R1 (2007-2009)
  • EPSRC grant EP/D074789/1. Response functions for drift of spiral and scroll waves. (PI: I Biktasheva, with Prof VN Biktashev (Math Sci, Liverpool)) Feb 07 - Jan 10.
  • BBSRC research grant BB/E017657/1. Regulated Transcript Stability. (PI: M Caddick, Co-I: M. Jones and P. Wong) 2007-10.
  • BBSRC Studentship. Prediction of Calcium-Binding DxDxDG Motifs in Protein Sequences. (D. Rigden and P. Wong) 2006-09.
  • DFG grant within "Aktionsplan Informatik" of Emmy Noether program. Algorithmic Tools for Games with Applications to E-Commerce and Networks. (Dr. P. Krysta) Jan 04 - Dec 08.
  • EPSRC grant EP/D500338/01. Feedback control of resonant drift as a tool for low voltage defibrillition. (VN Biktashev (Math Sci, Liverpool) with I. Biktasheva) Dec. 05 - Dec 08.
  • The British Council, British German Academic research Collaboration Programme 2006-08. 2-D Rectangle Packing: Shelf Algorithms. (Dr. P. Wong with Dr. A. Fishkin, Prof. Dr. K. Janssen)
  • Scale-free Structures: Models and Algorithms. (EPSRC Grant EP/D059272/1, C. Cooper (King's College London) and Michele Zito) June 06 - May 08.
  • Algorithmic Issues in Power Management by Speed Scaling. (EPSRC Grant EP/E028276/1, Prudence Wong) March 07 - Feb 09.
  • Algorithmics of network-sharing Games (EPSRC Grant GR/T07343/02, Paul Goldberg) July 05 - Dec 07.
  • Discontinuous Behaviour in the Complexity of randomized Algorithms (EPSRC Grant, Leslie Ann Goldberg)
  • Algorithmic and Combinatorial Aspects of Radio Communication, Royal Society Grant, IJP - 2006/R2

Past Research Grants