Complexity Theory and Algorithmics Group


Our research group meets once a week for a talk given by a member of the groups, or a visitor, about their current research, or a more general overview of their research topics. These seminars are held every Thursday at 12:00-1:00pm in Room 2.23, George Holt Building (the Seminar Room opposite the Help Desk), unless otherwise stated.

Schedule for 2nd Semester 2014-2015

Date Speaker Title
12 Feb 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Vitaliy Kurlin
Durham University &
Microsoft Research Cambridge
A homologically persistent skeleton in computer vision (Abstract)
19 Feb 2015
Ashton Rm 101
Reino Niskanen
CTAG, University of Liverpool
On Robot Games of Degree Two (Abstract)
26 Feb 2015
Ashton Rm 101
CTAG group meeting
5 March 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Eleni Akrida
CTAG, University of Liverpool
Ephemeral Networks with Random Availability of Links: Diameter and Connectivity (Abstract)
12 Mar 2015
Ashton Rm 208
Irina Biktasheva
CTAG, University of Liverpool
Computational Biology of the Heart (Abstract)
19 March 2015
Ashton Rm 101
CTAG group meeting
26 March 2015
Ashton Rm 208
Tom Freeman
The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
Visualising the complexity and dynamics of biological networks (Abstract)
14 May 2015
Ashton Rm 208
Alexander Tiskin
University of Warwick
A superglue for string comparison (Abstract)
21 May 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Mordechai Shalom
TelHai Academic College
Graphs of Edge-Intersecting and Non-Splitting Paths (Abstract)
4 June 2015
GHolt Rm 223
1pm (note change of time)
Tomasz Jurdzinski
Wroclaw University
Deterministic Algorithms in ad hoc wireless SINR Networks (Abstract)
11 June 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Reino Niskanen Weighted Automata on Infinite Words in the Context of Attacker-Defender Games (Abstract)
18 June 2015
GHolt Rm 223
David Hamilton The Match-Maker: Constant-Space Distributed Majority via Random Walks (Abstract)
25 June 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Evangelos Kranakis,
Carleton University
Rendezvous with Different Speeds (Abstract)
16 July 2015
GHolt Rm 223
Miguel Mosteiro,
Kean University
Station Assignment with Reallocation (Abstract)

Schedule of 2011-12 can be found here.