Complexity Theory and Algorithmics Group


A hard day at the office

CTAG Visitors

The following people are some of the guests of our research group in the past few years.
Professor Jurek Czyzowicz
(Université du Québec en Outaouis)  
Probabilistic automata (visited L. Gąsieniec Feb-Jul 08)
Dr. Joseph W.T. Chan
(King's College London)  
Online and approximation algorithms, scheduling, combinatorial optimisation
Dr. Stanley P.Y. Fung
(University of Leicester)  
Combinatorial algorithms and computational biology
Professor Petra Berenbrink
(Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Probabilistic methods, scheduling, routing, load balancing
Nick Palmer
(Warwick, UK)  
Computational learning theory
Professor Bogdan S. Chlebus
(Warsaw, Poland)  
Design and analysis of algorithms for combinatorial problems, distributed and parallel algorithms, randomized algorithms, fault-tolerant computing, data-mining
Professor Marek Chrobak
(Riverside, USA)  
On-line algorithms, graph drawing, planar graphs, discrete tomography, and others
Professor Artur Czumaj
(Warwick, UK)  
Randomized algorithms, graph theory, string/pattern matching, parallel/distributed computing, complexity theory
Professor Robert Cori
(Bordeaux, France)  
Algorithmic graph theory and combinatorics
A. Demirkol
Professor Nicola Galesi
(Roma, Italy)  
Proof complexity
Professor David J. Haglin
(Mankato, USA)  
Algorithmic graph theory
Oleksiy Kurganskyy
Theory of algorithms, formal language theory and its applications
Professor Andrzej Lingas
(Lund, Sweden)  
Design and analysis of efficient sequential and parallel algorithms for combinatorial and geometric problems
Work hard, play hard

Past Members

Some previous members of the CTAG research group
Dr. Rafiq Saleh 
University of Brighton
PhD student of Igor Potapov (Algorithmic, complexity and logical aspects of knots; automata for strings over infinite alphabets)
Dr. Mariusz Rokicki  Postdoc of Dariusz Kolwalski (Algorithms for discrete problems; distributed and parallel computing; communications networks; randomness in computing)
Dr. Prasad Chebolu  Postdoc of Russell Martin (Randomized algorithms; random graphs)
Dr. Paul Bell 
(Loughborough University)
PhD student of Igor Potapov, Postdoc of Prudence Wong, University Teacher (Reachability problems; scheduling algorithms)
Dr. Ross McFarlane   PhD student of Irina Biktasheva (Simulation of cardiac arrhythmia)
Dr. Andrew McGrae  PhD student of Michele Zito (Graph algorithms and combinatorial games; colouring algorithms in planar graphs)
Dr. John Huihai Wu  Postdoc of Prudence Wong (Bioinformatics)
Dr. Markus Jalsenius
(Bristol University)
PhD student and Postdoc of Leslie Ann Goldberg (Randomized algorithms; Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques; mixing time of Markov chains)
Dr. Pattarawit Polpinit
(Khon Kaen University) 
PhD student of Paul Goldberg (Computational game theory)
Dr. Ying Li  PhD student of Prudence Wong and Leszek Gąsieniec (Bioinformatics)
Dr. Patrick Briest
(Cornell University) 
PhD student and RA with Piotr Krysta until June 08 (Game theory, combinatorial optimization)
Dr. Christoph Ambühl  Lecturer in CTAG June 2005 - July 2008
Dr. Isaac To  Research Assistant (with Prudence Wong) until June 2008
Dr. Edith Elkind 
(Hebrew University/Southampton University/Oxford University)
Game theory, Auctions, Agents
Dr. Martyn Amos 
(Exeter University)
Molecular Computation, Computational Biology, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life, Ant-colony optimisation
Dr. Mihail Beis  Combinatorial Algorithms, Approximation, Randomization
Dr. Birgitta Weber  Scheduling, Algorithm engineering (In CTAG June 2005 - June 2006)
Dr. William Duckworth
(Australian National University, Australia). 
Graph Theory, Algorithmics, Combinatorics
Dr. Alexei Fishkin   Computational Complexity and Approximation Algorithms, Online and Randomized Algorithms, Scheduling Problems, Financial Mathematics (options, portfolio, pricing, game theory)
Prof. Alan Gibbons
(King's College London) 
Sequential and Parallel Algorithms, Molecular Computation
Dr. Aris Pagourtzis
(ETH Zentrum) 
Computational Complexity, Structural Complexity, Graph Algorithms, Parallel/Distributed Algorithms, Approximation, Randomization
Prof. W. Rytter
(New Jersey Institute of Technology) 
Analysis and construction of efficient sequential and parallel algorithms, Automata Theory, Complexity of recognition and parsing of context free languages, Pattern Matching, Algorithmics of highly compressible objects, Algorithmics of WWW
Dr. Paul Sant
(University of Bedfordshire) 
Combinatorics, Graph Theory (Graph Colouring), Bioinformatics
Dr. Q. Xin  Complexity of combinatorial algorithms, Efficient communication algorithms in mobile networks