Past Seminars

Date Speaker Title Host
01 Oct 2015 Dr Andreas Herzig
Logic, Interaction, Language, and Computation Group (LILaC)
IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier
Toulouse, France
Knowledge and action: how should we combine their logics? Wiebe van der Hoek
21 Jul 2015 Dr Pascal Lenzner
Department of Computer Science
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Selfish Network Creation: Structure & Locality Martin Gairing
14 Jul 2015 Prof. Krzysztof Apt
CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Epistemic Protocols for Distributed Gossiping Wiebe van der Hoek
09 Jul 2015 Prof Olivier Bournez
Computer Science Laboratory
Ecole Polytechnique (LIX)
Palaiseau Cedex
About the hardness of reachability for ordinary differential equations and discrete time dynamical systems or Why analog mechanical machines of the 30's are not less powerful than modern computers, and not even slower. Igor Potapov
07 Jul 2015 Dr Chiara Ghidini
Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)
Exploiting logical formulations for workflow trace monitoring Valentina Tamma
01 Jul 2015 Prof Ann Nowe
Artificial Intelligence Lab
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Speeding up Reinforcement Learning Karl Tuyls
30 Jun 2015 Prof Ann Nowe
Artificial Intelligence Lab
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Multi-objective reinforcement learning Karl Tuyls
25 Jun 2015 Prof Stefan Kiefer
Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford
On the total variation distance of labelled Markov chains
23 Jun 2015 Prof Jurek Czyzowicz
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Patrolling by faulty robots Leszek Gasieniec
20 May 2015 Prof Vangelis Markakis
Department of Informatics
Athens University of Economics and Business
Approximation Algorithms for Computing Maximin Share Allocations Giorgios Christodoulou
19 May 2015 Prof. Shmuel Zaks
Department of Computer Science
Combinatorial and Graph Theoretical results initiated by application areas Prudence Wong
12 May 2015 Dr. Adam Wyner
Department of Computing Science
University of Aberdeen
Progress on the Argument Pipeline Katie Atkinson
05 May 2015 Dr Marcin Pilipczuk
Department of Computer Science
University of Warwick
Sparsification for network design problems in planar graphs Rahul Savani
30 Apr 2015 Dr Temur Kutsia
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Anti-Unification: Algorithms and Applications Boris Konev
28 Apr 2015 Prof. Stephane Airiau
University of Paris-Dauphine
Voting in parallel universes Davide Grossi
22 Apr 2015 Dr Jeff Rowe
Department of Computer Science
UC Davis
Cyber-security Monitoring for Future Computing Systems Elizabeth Sklar
21 Apr 2015 Dr Steve Phelps
Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents
University of Essex
Dynamic social networks and reciprocity: comparing agent-based models and behavioural studies Daniel Bloembergen
14 Apr 2015 Dr Floris Bex
Department of Information and Computing Science
University of Utrecht
The Netherlands
An integrated theory of causal stories and evidential arguments Katie Atkinson
07 Apr 2015 Prof Doron Peled
Department of Computer Science
Bar Ilan University
Synthesis of concurrent programs using genetic programming Sven Schewe
24 Mar 2015 Dr Meghyn Bienvenu
Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI)
CNRS & Universite Paris-Sud
Ontology-mediated query answering and query rewriting Boris Konev
20 Mar 2015 Dr Sander Bohte
CWI, Life Sciences
Continuous-time neural reinforcement learning of working memory tasks Karl Tuyls
18 Mar 2015 Dr Ernesto Jimenez Ruiz and Alessandro Solimando
Information Systems Group
Department of Computer Science
Oxford University

Dipartimento di Informatica, Bioingegneria, Robotica e Ingegneria dei Sistemi
Università di Genova
Coping with Conservativity Violations in Ontology-to-ontology Alignment in Practice Valentina Tamma
11 Mar 2015 Dr Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou
School of Computing and Communications
Lancaster University
Network coding for Rapid and Reliable Data Delivery (R2D2) Martin Gairing
24 Feb 2015 Dr Jeyan Thiyagalingam
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
University of Liverpool
Scalable Computing: Challenges, Applications and Solutions Wiebe van der Hoek
03 Feb 2015 Dr Andrew Dowsey
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
University of Liverpool
Applications and possibilities for signal processing, machine learning and network sciences in proteomics and metabolomics Wiebe van der Hoek
21 Jan 2015 Prof Wolfgang Thomas
Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems
RWTH Aachen
Finite Automata and the Infinite: A Journey Through 50 Years of Research Sven Schewe
20 Jan 2015 Thomas Varghese
Computer Science Department
University of Liverpool
Finite automata over infinite structures - Tight bounds for some transformations Sven Schewe
09 Dec 2014 Paul Pearce
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Evolution of Analytical and Experimental Wargaming Davide Grossi
02 Dec 2014 Dr Steve Battle
Sysemia Ltd
Ashby's Mobile Homeostat Terry Payne
18 Nov 2014 Dr M. Birna van Riemsdijk
Interactive Intelligence, Dept. of Intelligent Systems,
Delft University of Technology
Software that understands our norms and values: reasoning, interaction and ethical challenges Louise Dennis
11 Nov 2014 Prof Elliot Anshelevich
Computer Science Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Stable Matching, Friendship, and Altruism Paul Spirakis
28 Oct 2014 Prof Nicola Dimitri
Department of Economics and Statistics
Universita di Siena
Lottery Auctions Davide Grossi
24 Oct 2014 Prof Toshihiko Yamasaki
Department of Information and Communication Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Let's bother to take pictures - User navigation using large-scale multimedia data on the Internet Danushka Bollegala
21 Oct 2014 Dr Laszlo Vegh
Department of Management
London School of Economics
A strongly polynomial algorithm for generalised flow maximisation Martin Gairing
14 Oct 2014 Aris Filos-Ratsikas
Truthful approximations to range voting Giorgios Christodoulou
07 Oct 2014 Dr Natalia Criado Pacheco
Department of Computing and Mathematical Science
John Moores Univerisity, Liverpool
Reasoning About Norms under Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments Louise Dennis
12 Sep 2014 Prof Mehdi Dastani
Intelligent Systems Group
Utrecht University
Norm-based Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems Louise Dennis

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