Argumentation and Representation of Knowledge Group

Academic Staff

Prof. Katie Atkinson
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AI and Law, computational models of argument, dialogue games
Prof. Trevor Bench-Capon
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Practical reasoning, value based reasoning, legal reasoning, argumentation and narrative
Prof. Frans Coenen
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Machine learning and big data analytics in the context of unusual data sets. Data mining over encrypted data and applications of machine learning in the fields of personalised health, infectious diseases and AI and Law.
Prof. Paul Dunne
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Algorithms and complexity in abstract argumentation formalisms, analysis of argumentation frameworks and semantics via combinatorial paradigms
Dr. Floriana Grasso
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Argument and Computation, Computational Rhetoric, User Modelling
Prof. Boris Konev
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Description logics, ontologies, automated reasoning, temporal logic, specification and verification formalisms, proof complexity, deduction systems, and practical applications of formal methods
Dr. Louwe Kuijer
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Modal logics, especially dynamic epistemic logic
Dr. Fabio Papacchini
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Knowledge Representation, OBDA, Query Answering, Rewriting, Automated Reasoning, Tableaux Methods, Modal Logics, Description Logics and Model Generation
Dr. Valentina Tamma
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Ontologies in open and distributed environments. AI methods in dynamic knowledge evolution & adaptation. Ontology design, ontology management, semantic integration, ontology evolution, and knowledge acquisition
Prof. Frank Wolter
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Head of Group
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and Logic in Computer Science

Research Fellows and Assistants

Marie Fortin
Logic in computer science, formal verification of concurrent systems, ontologies and description logics, automata theory
Jack Mumford
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intersection of neural networks (subsymbolic) and argumentation semantics (symbolic)

PhD Students

David Bareham
Andrew Roxburgh
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Mobile and web technologies as digital interventions