Liverpool Distinguished Computer Science Lectures

This is a series of lectures given by internationally-leading computer scientists. The lectures emphasize fundamental aspects of computer science and the relationship between computer science and other sciences. Lectures are organised and hosted by the Department of Computer Science.

The 2018 lecture was on Wednesday 3rd October, at 2pm in the Ashton Lecture Theatre. It was given by Professor Orna Kupferman:
Examining Classical Graph-Theory Problems from the Viewpoint of Formal-Verification Methods

Previous lectures:

Sept 21, 2016. Professor Dr Kurt Mehlhorn:
The slime mold Physarum can compute shortest paths and construct nice networks

Dec 11, 2013. Professor Josep Diaz:
Results and open questions on the Metric Dimension problem

May 28, 2012. Professor Michael Wellman:
Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis for Canonical Auction Games

April 6, 2011. Professor Michael Kearns:
Strategic Behavior and the Science of Social Networks

March 18, 2010. Professor Moshe Y. Vardi:
From Philosophical to Industrial Logic

March 4, 2009. Professor Christos Papadimitriou:
The Algorithmic Lens: How the Computational Perspective is Transforming the Sciences