General Game Playing AI

22nd November 2016, 13:00, Ashton Lecture Theater
Dr. Sam Devlin
Address: The Digital Creativity Labs,
University of York,
The Ron Cooke Hub,
YO10 5GH


The history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intertwined with achievements in playing specific games. For example, DeepBlue’s defeat of chess champion Garry Kasparov, the solution to Checkers and the believable behaviour of the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation. Motivated by the latest success in this area (DeepMind’s recent defeat of a world champion Go player), I will discuss open grand challenges in game playing AI with a focus on a proposed framework for developing agents that can autonomously learn to play any digital game. The talk will also touch upon the mutually beneficial relationship we have established with the games industry, and how it could enable high impact research in AI and more broadly across computer science.