Introduction to Programming


  1. To introduce the concepts and principles of problem solving using computational thinking.
  2. To identify and employ algorithms in the solution of identified problems.
  3. To develop sound principles in designing programming solutions to identified problems using appropriate data structures.
  4. To introduce the concepts of implementing solutions in a high level programming language.


  1. Introduction to high-level programming environment;
    Variables, data types, Sequence I/O, libraries
  2. Sequence - ?formatted output; Selection - if ...else
  3. Selection
    nested if's, validation, modular design
  4. Iteration - while, for
  5. Iteration - nested, testing
  6. Parameter passing
  7. Compound data types
  8. Compound data types-II, File handling
  9. File handling
  10. Relationships between paradigms
  11. Code re-use, overview