Scripting Languages


To provide students with an understanding of the nature and role of scripting languages.
To introduce students to some popular scripting languages and their applications.
To enable students to write simple scripts using these languages for a variety of applications.


Overview: The nature of scripting languages; scripting vs programming; scripting languages (1 lecture)
PHP: Elements of the language, including regular expressions, integration with HTML, integration with databases (7lectures)
JavaScript: Elements of the language, client-side web scripting, the Document Object Model (4 lectures)

Recommended Texts

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Learning Outcomes

(LO1) Develop server-side web-based applications using an appropriate scripting language, with emphasis on concurrent use of such applications.

(LO2) Develop computer-based or client-side web-based applications using an appropriate scripting language.

(S1) Effective information retrieval skills (including use of the WWW and the evaluation of information retrieved from such sources).

(S2) The ability to use general IT facilities effectively.

(S3) The ability to manage their own learning and development, and time management and organisational skills.

Learning Strategy

Teaching Method 1 - Lecture
Attendance Recorded: Not yet decided

Teaching Method 2 - Laboratory Work
Attendance Recorded: Not yet decided
Notes: During seven of the ten lab sessions, students will be guided by worksheets and supported by demonstrators. Three additional lab sessions will provide students with an opportunity to clarify aspects and solve problems related to the three assessment tasks of the module, again with support from demonstrators.

Self-Directed Learning Description: Private study: Completion of coursework, guided and wider reading