Maduka Attamah


I am an Assistant Lecturer and Tutor in the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Liverpool, UK, where I am also a member of the Artificial Intelligence research section of the department.

I facilitate and support numerous teaching activities in the department, and serve as projects supervisor, mentor and advisor to students.



Department of Computer Science

University of Liverpool

Ashton Building

Ashton Street

Room 2.13

m.k.attamah at liverpool dot ac dot uk

Phone: +44 151 795 4293

Fax: +44 151 794 3715

Research and Development

I am interested in the research and engineering of artificial intelligence subsystems for reasoning and problem solving. Particularly I am passionate about AI for Education. And  Currently I am researching and developing innovative AI-based games and tools for teaching and learning music.

Previously, my PhD research focused on the design and implementation of an AI reasoner over dynamic information and communication in a peer-to-peer gossip scenario. You can find a copy of my PhD thesis here.

Also previously in my Masters degree project I designed and implemented an artificial intelligence system that solves logic puzzles. You can find my Masters degree dissertation here, and you can find the  solver (VisualDel Tool) here.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae.  To download some of my software please go to my Github page. Please note that my most recent works are deliberately not currently included in my CV and on my Github page. If you would like to know more about my most recent works please contact me directly.

The following are some of my research and publications.

Attamah, M., van Ditmarsch, H., Grossi, D., and van der Hoek, W., “The Pleasure of Gossip.” Book Chapter. In C. Baskent et al., editors, Rohit Parikh on logic, language and society, volume. 11, pages 145 – 163. Springer, 2017. (PDF)

Attamah, M., “Epistemic Gossip Protocols.” Research thesis, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2016. (PDF) (Software)

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Attamah, M., van Ditmarsch, H., Grossi, D., and van der Hoek, W., “Knowledge and Gossip.” In ECAI 2014, volume 263 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, pages 21 – 26. IOS Press, 2014. (PDF)

Attamah, M. K., “Visualising Dynamic Epistemic Logic.” Master’s Thesis in Advanced Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, (2012). (PDF) (Software)

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Attamah, M.K., “The Security of Hypertext Transfer Protocol.” A reflective survey on current issues and advances in the security of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), (2011).  (PDF)

Attamah, M.K. “Bandwidth Optimization: The Public Policy Approach in a University Campus Network”, European Union Funded Local Impact Research Project, under the auspices of Diplo Foundation, (2011). (PDF)