David Jackson's Home Page

  Contact Information:
Dr. David Jackson
Department of Computer Science
Ashton Building, Ashton Street
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)151 795 4248
Fax: +44 (0)151 795 4235


Welcome to my home page. I am a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science here at the University of Liverpool. (I am also a published author of crime novels, but you can read about that elsewhere).


My current research interest is in the area of evolutionary computing - in particular, genetic programming. Some of my recent publications in the field are listed here.

I have also served on a number of programme committees for evolutionary computing conferences; recent ones include:

EuroGP 2011
EuroGP 2010
IEEE CEC 2009 "Evolutionary Optimization" track
IEEE CEC 2009 "Collective Evolution and Self-Adaptation" track
IEEE CEC 2009 "BioComputing & Complex Adaptive Systems: From Theory to Practice" track
Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL) 2008
GECCO 2008

Prior to working on evolutionary computing, I undertook research on a number of diverse topics including Visual Programming Languages, Computer-Assisted Education, and Digital Logic Simulation. In all, I have over 70 refereed publications.


I am currently teaching:
COMP103: Computer Systems
COMP517: Object-Oriented Software Development

I also supervise Honours and MSc projects.

In the past, I have taught on subjects such as Systems Programming, Compiler Design, and Computer Architectures. I have also written and delivered a short course for industry on Unix Programming.

I was one of the first recipients of the Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, and received further nominations for it in several subsequent years.
I was also one of the first to be awarded a two-year Teaching Fellowship.


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Duties include:

Senior Tutor for the School

Duties include:

Member of Faculty Academic Quality and Standards Committee

Duties include:

Member of Moderating and Mitigating Circumstances Committee

Member of Teaching Quality Working Group

Member of Board of Studies in Computer Science

Member of Departmental Progression Committee