Extending the UCD-SNMP agent

This series of documents describe the procedure for writing code to extend the functionality of the UCD-SNMP network management agent. We would be very interested in comment and feedback about how useful you find this description, and ways in which it could be improved.

The information is designed to be read in order - the structure being:

  1. Overview & Introduction
  2. MIB files, and how they relate to the agent implementation
  3. Header files
  4. The basic structure of module implementation code
  5. The details of non-table based implementations
  6. The details of simple table based implementations
  7. The details of more general table based implementations
  8. How to implement SET-able variables
While the document is intended to be generally self-contained, it does occasionally refer to code files shipped with the main UCD distribution (in particular the example module), and it may prove useful to have these files available for reference.

All feedback should be directed to the author Dave Shield