To configure curl for Ftps only requires use of the ssl
command line flag and a URL with the 'ftp' protocol specifier.
As with lftp, avoid use of the 'ftps' protocol specifier
when connecting to our server.

Retrieve the file 'TEST', containing the text "FTP Test", owned
by the user u2bol:

bash-4.1$ curl -u u2aol --ssl --cacert /etc/pki/tls/certs/LUCSCA.pem
Enter host password for user 'u2aol':
FTP Test

Retrieval without verifying server identity:

bash-4.1$ curl -u u2bol --ssl --insecure ftp://ftp/TEST
Enter host password for user 'u2bol':
FTP Test

When using curl in shell scripts it is possible to
specify its parameters in a file. In the following example
the username and password are held in the file 'curl.conf':

bash-4.1$ curl -K curl.conf --ssl --cacert /etc/pki/tls/certs/LUCSCA.pem
FTP Test
bash-4.1$ cat curl.conf
user "u2bol:blotto"

However, this method of storing a password is only recommended for
situations in which the parameter file can be completely access protected.