Rpasd passwd maintenance system

Rpasd is a UNIX service for maintaining copies of the /etc/passwd file and similar text authentication databases, across a Local Area Network. It is a more secure and specialised alternative to NIS.

The goals of the system are to update distributed copies of /etc/passwd, without delay and to be persistant with operations directed at downed machines.

A notable feature is the spooling mechanism which restores updated information at server startup.

A flexible 'C' programming interface is provided that can easily be incorporated into existing 'passwd' type progams. Rpasd can be used in conjuction with Microsoft Services for UNIX and/or Samba. Support for LDAP is under consideration.

Download: a binary distribution; in gzipped tar format.

Rpasd was originally developed under HP-UX 9.03 and was rather HP specific. Today though, it is well tried and tested under Fedora Linux.