Xenophon Evangelopoulos

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PhD student in Computer Science Department, University of Liverpool
Data Mining and Machine Learning Group
Supervisor: Dr. Yannis Goulermas

Recent Work


My research topic is on exploratory combinatorial data analysis (CDA);   that is any form of structural manipulation of data objects (arrangement, ordering, etc.) in order to reveal interesting patterns and trends. Some examples include, seriation, cluster analysis and variable selection. Some real world application of CDA arise in bioinformatics, text mining, information retrieval, data visualization, etc.. Other research interests include: Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Web Data Mining and Information Retrieval.
You can check my dblp page for publications.


AllBio hackathon: Identification of large structural variations

Using the genomic comparison previously performed on the Arabidopsis accessions Columbia and Landsberg as a test dataset, we ran and evaluated 12 structural variation analysis programs aligning Landsberg (Ler) to the reference genome Columbia (Col).


CEID Art Gallery

CEID Art Gallery is a Virtual Museum where paintings and artistic photos are hosted. This tool was developed by the virtual reality team of Computer Information and Informatics Department. The base engine which we used was Unity and the program was written in C# and Javascript.

CEID Art Gallery

A border revision suite

Border based methodologies are considered to be very efficient in privacy preserving data mining, as they allow us to easily evaluate the impact of a deletion of an item from a transaction by considering only the set of maximal itemsets and hence reducing dramatically the number of itemsets to be checked. The present suite, contains code for three border revision algorithms. (If you want to use the code please send me an e-mail)

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Feel free to contact me for any queries or if you need any help with the tools.

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