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SO YOU WANT TO MINE YOUR DATA! Some guidance notes for people who wish to mine their data but know nothing about programming (and don't want to know anything about programming).

It is has always been the practice of the LUCS-KDD research team to make a substantial amount of the software developed, as part of the teams on going KDD research work, publicly available free of charge. From this WWW page it is possible to download various peices of software that the team feel are robust enough for general usage. All the nsoftware is written in Java and therefore should be highly portable. The team welcomes comments and observations on any aspect of the software available from these WWW pages.

To assist in understanding some of the algorithms some additional generic notes have also been made available in Section 2.


Data generators:

  1. LUCS-KDD ARM data generator (Version 3.2 --- 7/2/2007).
  2. LUCS-KDD Random Image generator.

Data preprocessing software:

  1. LUCS-KDD CARM Discretisation/ Normalisation (DN) software (Version 2 --- 18/1/2005).
  2. LUCS-KDD ARM Discretisation/ Normalisation (DN) software.
  3. Notes on discretising selected data sets.

Data Sets

  1. Selection of discretised (using the LUCS-KDD-DN software) data sets.
  2. 20 News Group Sample Dataset (Local access only).
  3. Other sites from where data is avialable include: (i) the UCI Machine Learning repository, and (ii) the Helsinki Frequent Itemset Mining Dataset Repository.

Association Rule Mining (ARM) software:

  1. Apriori-T demonstrator (originally developed for Laureate eLearning).
  2. Apriori-T Association Rule Mining (ARM) algorithm.
  3. Apriori-T GUI Association Rule Mining (ARM) algorithm GUI (includes DIC and Negtaive boarder example algorithms for comparison purposes).
  4. TFP (Total From Partial) Association Rule Mining (ARM) algorithm.
  5. Apriori-TFP GUI Association Rule Mining (ARM) algorithm GUI (includes FP-growth example algorithm for comparison purposes).
  6. FP-growth Association Rule Mining (ARM) algorithm.
  7. Fuzzy Apriori-T Fuzzy Association Rule Mining (FARM) algorithm.
  8. Weighted Fuzzy Apriori-T Fuzzy Weighted Association Rule Mining (FWARM) algorithm.

Classification Association Rule Mining (CARM) software:

  1. Apriori-TFPC Classification Association Rule Mining (CARM) algorithm.
  2. LUCS-KDD implementations of FOIL, PRM and CPAR.
  3. LUCS-KDD implementation of CMAR.
  4. LUCS-KDD implementation of CBA.

Classification Rule Mining (CRM) software:

  1. Decision Tree Classification Rule Miner (CARM).

Text Mining Software

  1. TFPC Text Miner (and text preprocessor).


Included here are some additional notes relevant to the software available from this WWW page.

  1. The support and cofidenace framework.

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