Jie Min

Jie Min

PhD Computer Science Student

Name:Jie Min
Address:Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Ashton Building, Ashton Street, Liverpool, UK, L69 3BX
I'm a first year PhD student in the department of Computer Science at University of Liverpool, and a member of the Complexity Theory and Algorithmics Group. My research focuses on the area of Algorithms and Complexity Theory. To be more specific, I'm interested in algorithms of big data processing in a complex network.

First semester

Second semester

COMP104 Operating Systems Concepts


This module introduces the structure and functionality of modern operating systems and explains how the principal components of computer-based systems perform their functions and how they interact with each other.

COMP226 Computer-Based Trading in Financial Markets


This module develops an understanding of financial markets at the level of individual trades, provides an overview of the range of different computer-based trading applications and techniques. It introduce the key issues with using historical high-frequency financial data for developing computer-based trading strategies, provides an overview of statistical and computational methods for the design of trading strategies and their risk management and develops a practical understanding of the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of trading strategies.

COMP284 Scripting Languages


Aims of this module are to provide students with an understanding of the nature and role of scripting languages, to introduce students to some popular scripting languages and their applications, and to enable students to write simple scripts using these languages for a variety of applications.

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