Autonomous Vehicles

Particular types of vehicles that we are interested in programming and formally verifying are:

Some examples of some of these activities are given below.

Satellites:   Through the EPSRC funded Engineering Autonomous Space Software research project, we are collaborating with the School of Engineering at Univ. Southampton on the use of hybrid agent-based control architectures in space exploration, particularly through cooperating satellites:

UAVs:   In collaboration with the Virtual Engineering Centre at Daresbury, we have been looking at the control and reliability of unmanned air vehicles. Specifically, we are exploring how our formal verificaiton techniques can be used as part of the certification process for autonomous UAVs:

Events: In 2005, Michael Fisher was co-Chair of the Agents in Space Symposium (reported both locally and internationally) and has been involved in co-chairing, with Manuela Bujorianu, the Formal Methods for Aerospace series of workshops: