I have secured so far a total of ca. 1.2 million GBP of funding for my research as a Principal Investigator.




   Research grants:


·         Efficient Algorithms for Mechanism Design without Monetary Transfer

(02.2013 – 06.2016, ca. 330,000 GBP): Principal Investigator; co-Investigators (Paul Goldberg and Giorgos Christodoulou)

      EPSRC grant


·          Efficient Decentralised Approaches in Algorithmic Game Theory

(10.2009 – 12.2012, ca. 400,000 GBP): co-Investigator (with Paul Goldberg and Leslie Goldberg)

      EPSRC grant


·         Algorithmic Mechanism Design and Optimization Problems with Economic Applications

(10.2008 – 09.2012, ca. 290,000 GBP): Principal Investigator

      EPSRC grant


·         Algorithmic Tools for Games with Applications to E-Commerce and Networks

(01.2004 – 03.2009, ca. 750,000 EUR): Principal Investigator

      DFG grant within Emmy Noether program


·         Management of Variable Data Streams in Networks (07.2001 – 12.2003): co-Investigator (with Berthold Voecking)

      DFG grant within the program on Algorithmics of Large and Complex Networks