Qiao Cheng

Office 211

Department of Computer Science

University of Liverpool

Ashton Building, Ashton Street

Liverpool L69 3BX

United Kindom



I am a visiting PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, since February 2016. My supervisor at the University of Liverpool is Karl Tuyls.

I got my Bachelor degree in September 2011 for majoring in Simulation Engineering.

I got my Master degree in December 2013 for majoring in Control Science and Engineering.

I started my PhD study since March 2014 and major in Control Science and Engineering.


My current research is focusing on the transfer learning in multi-agent learning framework and decision making, other research interest includes task allocation, planning, UAV, robotic, reinforcement learning.

My previous research interest includes cloud computing, data mining, recommender system, big data.


  • J. Yang, D. Yin, Q. Cheng, X. Xie. Two-layer optimization to cooperative conflict detection and resolution for UAVs. 2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, At Las Palmas, Spain.

  • Q. Cheng, X. Wang, D. Yin, Y. Niu, X. Xiang, J. Yang, L. Shen. The New Similarity Measure Based on User Preference Models for Collaborative Filtering. International Conference on Information and Automation 2015 (ICIA2015), Lijiang, China.

  • Q. Cheng, J. Huang, J. Gong, J. Hao. Simulation Resource Recommendation System Based on Collabrative Filtering. CAC2013, Changsha, China.

  • Q. Cheng, J. huang. Research on Cloud-Based Simulation Resource Management. CIAC2013, Yangzhou, China.