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Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Thomas Gorry and I completed my PhD at The University of Liverpool in 2015. I now work at Quanovo Data Technologies, a company based in Liverpool and specialising in Machine Learning, Big Data and other Data Science technologies.

My Phd supervisors were Dr. Russell Martin and Prof. Leszek Gąsieniec. This is was my PhD student site and in it you will find information about the research I was doing and also a selection of any work that I carried out in the past. I was a member of the NeST Initiative at the department and also had duties in the NeST Software Lab as a lead software developer along with David Hamilton. I also done my BSc and MSc degrees at Liverpool, the BSc is in Computer Science and the MSc is in Advanced Computer Science.

During my PhD studies I was a member of the department football team, being captain of the main squad for a season and then manager for both squads two seasons after that.



Tweet Semantic Analysis

The latest project I am working on involving python and semantic analysis of tweets.

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UK General Election 2015 Analysis

Using data gathered from Twitter we produced several data analytics on the topic of the UK General Election 2015. We made use of the D3.js JavaScript library for this project.

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NeST Hackathon 2015

I was the main organiser for this coding competition and as such I took the responsability for the design and implementation of the event website

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Container Port

This was a software project through NeST with AIMES. My role on the project was to provide software modules for processing capabilities of 204 standard messages for the existing ContainerPort system

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TweetParade deals with collecting, filtering and displaying Tweets on a screen or projection for events.

My responsibilities include managing Front and Back End Software Development for the project as a Scrum Product Owner.

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Network Analysis

I have a great interst in Network Analysis both structural and statistical and have been involved with several such projects with my supervisors since the start of my PhD.

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NeST Website

As one of the members of the NeST Software Lab it is my responsability to design, build and maintain the two websites associated with NeST and The NeST Software Lab.

NeST Software Lab Website NeST Website



Software Development Project through NeST with Quantum of Value using C# ASP.NET MVC 5 technology. Throughout the project we worked in a team using SCRUM.

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GraphDraw was a network visualisation and analysis tool developed by myself and another PhD student at The Department of Computer Science, Liverpool.

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Swarmer is a great piece of software I developed early on in my PhD studies to help gain an understanding of distributed movements in swarms.

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Agent Patroling Simulator

The Agent Patroling Simulator is software simulator that I developed to aid our analysis for my Master's Thesis. This then lead to the research needed to complete my first publication in my first year of PhD studies.

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Investigation Support Services

This is a website that I created for Investigation Support Services. An investigator and senior police training company based in the North West of England.

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Renegades CS FC

The Renegades are the Computer Science Department football team at The University of Liverpool. There are two squads and when I took over as team manager in 2013 we decided to create a news site for the team.

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This is the winning project from the DEVxS 2011 hackathon that the team and I worked on.

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BallGame is a simple applet game that I created while learning how to program in Java.

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Publications & Activities


COMP102 - Introduction to Databases

During the first term of 2012/13 I demonstrated for COMP102: Introduction to Databases. Here are some useful links for this module:

The demonstrators were myself, Angel Rolando Medellin-Gasque and Kwankomon Dittakan.

COMP106 - Human-Centric Computing

During the seccond term of 2013/14 I will be a module demonstrator for COMP106: Human-Centric Computing. Here are some useful links for this module:

The demonstrators were myself, Luke Riley and David Hamilton.

COMP319 - Software Engineering II

During the first term of 2012/13 I demonstrated for COMP319: Software Engineering II. Here are some useful links for this module:

Labs for this module were in the Holt Building H1.05 on Tuesday 12:00 to 13:00 and on Friday 12:00 to 13:00. The demonstrators were myself and Jude-Thaddeus Ojiaku.

COMP527 - Data Mining

From the accademic year 2011/2012 to the accademic year 2013/2014 I was the module demonstrator for COMP527: Data Mining. Here are some useful links for this module:

DTS - PhD Doctoral Training Seminars

Since the 2nd term of 2012/13 when I was aproached by the lecturer who runs the Doctoral Training Seminars to take some of the seminars I have been helping out with the DTS. The purpose of the DTS is to teach and guide first year PhD students of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science through their first and seccond years. Below are some useful links from the training I have provided:

The machines in the university already have various LaTeX editors and compilers installed on them. However, for instalation on your own machine you should consult the following links:

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