Degrees with a Year in Industry


The use and exploitation of advanced software technology continues to be an important issue throughout most areas of society. Within this the development, updating and widespread application of complex software is the most time-consuming, difficult and expensive aspect. It is widely acknowledged that developing efficient, robust and correct software is inherently complex, and thus there is a requirement for professional software developers. In addition, however, to a need for appropriately skilled graduates it is increasingly recognised that knowledge, experience and awareness of the practical business and industrial environments with which such skills will be employed is essential.

Degrees with a Year in Industry are degree programmes that last 4 years and where the students complete a period of employment between their second and final years of study. These degree programmes seek to address not only the requirement to provide the necessary technical skill base but also to equip graduates with some appreciation of how such skills will be used in practical commercial settings.

Industrial placements typically run from summer to summer, with the earliest start in mid June and the latest in September.

Students are paid by their employers, and the placement year is an integral part of the degree course, that is formally assessed and contributes to the final degree classification.

BSc Programmes with a Year in Industry

I wanted something that gave me a competitive edge in the job market, and allowed me to pick between different job opportunities

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