Knowledge, Rationality and Action

About Knowledge, Rationality and Action (KRA)

KRA is a special section of Synthese

The aim of the section is to provide a platform for researchers interested in a formal approach to the process comprising rational behaviour: from gathering and representing information, via reasoning and decision making up to acting. Consequently, the journal will address topics related to:

Knowledge - Gathering information, reasoning about knowledge, belief, uncertainty, and information about changing situations: belief revision and updates, dynamics epistemic logic, security and authorisation.
Rationality - Decision making, bounded rationality and resource bounded reasoning, optimal and satisfycing behaviour, preferences, cooperative and competitive behaviour, logic and game theory, solution concepts of games, computational models of rational behaviour, planning, theories of norms.
Action - Theories of action, theories of belief and action, rational agency, social structures, logic for action and change, sensing, temporal reasoning, re-planning, verification of dynamic systems, logic programming, the frame problem, action and cognition.

The scope of Knowledge, Rationality and Action is interdisciplinary: it will be of interest to researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, agents, computer science, knowledge representation, game theory, economics, logic, philosophy, mathematics, cognitive science, cryptography, and auction theory, as well as to application specialists using formal and mathematical methods and tools.

Follow this link to find the first editorial of KRA, and click here to find out where Synthese and KRA are abstracted/indexed in. You can also read a brief description of the 2004 and the 2005 issues.

Knowledge, Rationality and Action

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Two books have appeared with contributions from KRA: Information, Interaction and Agency (collecting all KRA papers from 2004), and Uncertainty, Rationality and Agency (2005). Click on the names to see their contents, and on the pictures (left) for an introducion.