Department of Computer Science

Help Desk

What is it?

The Computer Science Department runs a Help Desk facility - a single point of contact for all queries relating to the departmental computing facilities (both hardware and software), and available to both students and staff.

This is the appropriate place to go if you have problems with accessing CS departmental facilities, to report broken equipment or programs that don't work properly, or to ask for assistance with general programming or similar technical problems.

Alternatively you can send email to which will raise a ticket in the University's Service Now system, which will then be brought to the attention of the technical support team.

Where is it?

The Help Desk is normally located on the 2nd floor of the George Holt building, near to the "blast door" between the George Holt and the Ashton buildings.

However, during the current period of restricted access, the Help Desk is operating via a series of virtual zoom meetings - go to to connect to the helpdesk meeting. Note that you may need to wait a short while to be admitted - particularly if the member of staff on duty is dealing with another problem.

When is it?

Help Desk operates 10.30-12.30 and 2-3:30 Monday-Friday (closed Wednesday afternoon) during normal term times. It does not run at weekends or out of term. Occasionally it may prove necessary to close the Help Desk briefly (e.g. when assisting with a problem in one of the labs or if all the staff are occupied).
The zoom-based Help Desk will be run on a one-at-a-time basis - if you are not admitted to the zoom meeting immediately, please wait.

The Help Desk is also intended to allow the technical staff time to concentrate on other tasks uninterrupted. During Help Desk hours, please do not contact other members of the technical staff directly without prior arrangement.

Who is it?

The Help Desk is staffed by members of the technical support team:

    Paddy Colleranpaddy
    Andy Craigacraig
    Dave Nixondjn
    Dave Shielddaves

What is it not?

A University-wide resource - The Help Desk is purely concerned with the Computer Science departmental facilities. We cannot assist with equipment or software provided by Computing Services, or other departments. Please contact the CSD Service Desk (in the Brownlow Hill building), or see the relevant departmental technical support staff in such cases. Contact details for the CSD Service Desk can be found here:

phone: 0151 794 4567

An Academic resource - The Help Desk is concerned with supporting the technical facilities of the department - we do not typically have information about academic matters such as student registration, timetables or similar administrative issues. Such queries are best directed to the Student Office on the ground floor of the Ashton Building.

A Teaching resource - Similarly, the Help Desk is not really intended as part of the teaching provision. We can usually provide advice with general computing or programming problems, but questions specific to particular modules are best directed to the appropriate lecturer and/or demonstrators.