Department of Computer Science

Learning and Teaching Strategy

Notification of Absence

Students registered for undergraduate or taught postgraduate courses may certify their absence through illness from lectures or other classes using the Notification of Absence form (see below). Such a certification will be valid for absence of up to five consecutive days, and does not need to be signed by a medical practitioner.

The form will not be valid for:

  • Absence through illness for more than five consecutive days;
  • Absence from examinations;
  • Absence from class tests or other forms of assessment which count for 10% or more of the module mark.

The form cannot be accepted if submitted more than two weeks following the date of illness. A maximum of two certifications are permitted in any semester.
Absence through illness for periods longer than five consecutive days must be supported by a medical certificate authorised by a medical practitioner and should be submitted to the Student Office.

Absence for reasons other than illness can only be allowed after a request has been approved by the Head of Department.

Mitigating Circumstances

Any mitigating circumstances, such as ill health, which may have affected a student's studies or performance in assessments and examinations, should be submitted formally to the Student Office using the appropriate form below.
These forms can also be obtained from the Student Office.

A valid doctor's medical certificate must be supplied to verify reported illness; self-certification will not be acceptable.

The full University policy on Mitigating Circumstances in relation to exams and assessment is available below.