Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group

Academic Staff

Prof. Katie Atkinson
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AI and Law, computational models of argument, dialogue games
Dr. Chao Huang
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Design and Verification of Learning-Enabled Cyber-Physical Systems (LE-CPS), real-time systems, embedded systems
Prof. Xiaowei Huang
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Trustworthy Machine Learning, Verification and Validation, Model Checking
Dr. Ullrich Hustadt
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High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics, String algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
Dr. Anh Nguyen
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Vision: Image segmentation, medical image, object detection, video understanding, connecting vision and language. Learning: Deep learning, graphical model, deep reinforcement learning. Robotics: Manipulation, locomotion, medical robot
Dr. Fabio Papacchini
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Knowledge Representation, OBDA, Query Answering, Rewriting, Automated Reasoning, Tableaux Methods, Modal Logics, Description Logics and Model Generation
Dr. Terry Payne
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Head of Group
The use of ontological knowledge for the support of agent-based service discovery and the exploration of dialogue-based negotiation approaches to establish contextually-relevant ontological alignment between interacting agents on the fly
Prof. Sven Schewe
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Automata theory, game theory (especially finite games of infinite duration) verification, reinforcement learning, temporal logic, Markov games and decision processes, control theory, equilibria, agent & game logics
Dr. Valentina Tamma
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Ontologies in open and distributed environments. AI methods in dynamic knowledge evolution & adaptation. Ontology design, ontology management, semantic integration, ontology evolution, and knowledge acquisition
Prof. Wiebe van der Hoek
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Knowledge Representation, Logic, Logics for Knowledge and Belief, Logics for games
Dr. Xingyu Zhao
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Probabilistic verification of autonomous systems; Bayesian inference with partial and/or vague prior knowledge; Explainable AI

Research Fellows and Assistants

Nicolas Berthier
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Discrete Controller Synthesis Algorithms; Reactive Control Techniques, Models and Programming Languages for Systems Design; Global Control for Resource and Energy Management; Operating Systems Design and Implementation.
Joe Collenette
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Evolution of co-operation between agents, natural language processing, computational representations of emotions
Yi Dong
Joe Jerome
Leszek Pecyna
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Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network Developmental, Robotics, Deep Neural Networks, Modeling of Number Cognition
Prof Karl Tuyls
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Adaptation in multi-agent and robot systems, Reinforcement learning, (Evolutionary) Game theory, Swarm intelligence and bio-inspired computing, Machine learning, and Datamining

PhD Students

Konstantinos Alexandridis
James Butterworth
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Guanqun Cao
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Deep Learning; Robotics; Sensory synergy of tactile sensing and vision
Rik Claessens
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reasoning with uncertainty, autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, planning & control, Bayesian modelling, information management
Omar Elnaggar
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Daniel Fernandes Gomes
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Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Vision; Tactile Sensing
Wei Huang
Michael Hughes
Jiaqi Jiang
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Artificial Intelligence; Robotics; Active perception, Sensory synergy and Aerial manipulation.
Chen Lu Deep Reinforcement Learning. Cognitive Neuroscience. Robotics.
Andrew Roxburgh
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Mobile and web technologies as digital interventions
Sihao Wu
Peipei Xu
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