Verification Group

Academic Staff

Dr. Xiaowei Huang
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Trustworthy Machine Learning, Verification and Validation, Model Checking
Dr. Ullrich Hustadt
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Resolution-based and tableaux-based decision procedures for decidable fragments of first-order logic, including fragments resulting from the relational, semi-functional and optimised functional translation of decidable propositional modal logics
Dr. Rasmus Ibsen-jensen
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Game theory, specifically two player zero-sum games, static analysis and evolutionary theoretical biology
Prof. Boris Konev
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Description logics, ontologies, automated reasoning, temporal logic, specification and verification formalisms, proof complexity, deduction systems, and practical applications of formal methods
Dr. Alexei Lisitsa
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Verification, Formal Methods, Security, Applied Automated Reasoning, Applied Machine Learning
Prof. Sven Schewe
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Automata theory, game theory (especially finite games of infinite duration) verification, reinforcement learning, temporal logic, Markov games and decision processes, control theory, equilibria, agent & game logics
Dr. Patrick Totzke
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Logics, automata, game theory and computer-aided verification
Dr. Dominik Wojtczak
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Head of Group
Probabilistic systems, game theory, coalition games, control theory, verification of embedded systems
Prof. Frank Wolter
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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and Logic in Computer Science
Dr Martin Zimmermann
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Turning reactive synthesis from a decision problem into an optimization problem by studying quantitative winning conditions, by turning qualitative conditions into quantitative ones, and by developing algorithms to compute optimal winning strategies.

Research Fellows and Assistants

Nicolas Berthier
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Discrete Controller Synthesis Algorithms; Reactive Control Techniques, Models and Programming Languages for Systems Design; Global Control for Resource and Energy Management; Operating Systems Design and Implementation.
Marie Fortin
Karoliina Lehtinen
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logic, games and automata, verification, descriptive complexity
Dr. Matt Webster
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Autonomous systems, sensor systems, formal methods, robotics, unmanned aircraft, computer security

PhD Students

Mahmood Al Saadi
Amany Alshareef
Hamzah Faraj
Paul Gainer
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Formal Verification, Temporal Logics, Swarm Intelligence
Wei Huang
Michael Hughes
Mehmet Kurucan Embedded systems, Verification of probabilistic systems, Artificial neural networks
Mete Ozbaltan Energy Efficient Control
Hadrien Pulcini
Emese Thamo
Yanhua Xu
Peipei Xu