Postgraduate (research) Staff-Student Liaison Committee


Scope and remit

The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum whereby student concerns may be raised, discussed, and, if possible, acted upon. Such concerns include (but are not limited to): student issues; PGR training; the organisation and management of the programmes; departmental/school/faculty arrangements; resources, e.g. availability of teaching and learning materials, library opening hours, IT provision; communications; social events; student input to PGR Periodic Reviews and similar events; and examples of good practice.


There will normally be representatives from PGR students of each year of study, representatives from the technical, academic, and administrative staff, the library and the Student Guild.

In addition the committee may invite individuals representing particular interests to attend meetings, should this be deemed necessary.


The committee will elect a Chairperson for each meeting, who will normally be one of the student representatives. Professional Services will provide secretarial support.

Student Representation

Information about committee membership be will provided to students normally via the Departmental PGR website and the Departmental PGR Handbook. Requests for volunteers to stand for the committee will be made (at least) annually and if necessary, elections for the student representative posts will be carried out.

Frequency of meetings

The committee shall meet 2-3 times per year. Additional meetings may be arranged as the occasion demands.

External liaison

The minutes of each meeting will be prepared by the Secretary for circulation to all students and inclusion in academic staff meeting agenda. Matters discussed during a meeting which are considered to be confidential will be excluded from such minutes. Where it is considered that such matters merit further action, the Secretary will prepare a confidential summary of the points at issue and communicate this to the Head of Department for discussion.
The minutes will also be communicated to the Faculty PGR Committee.