Undergraduate Staff-Student Liaison Committee


Scope and remit

The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum whereby student concerns may be raised, discussed, and, if possible, acted upon. Such concerns include (but are not limited to): the organisation, content, and management of individual units that may be studied; problems encountered with individual academic, demonstrating, or technical staff; and the overall organisation and requirements of the various degree programs run by the Department. The committee will also be responsible for reviewing and commenting on the end-of-unit questionnaire summaries when these are produced.


There will be representatives from all three years of the undergraduate degrees, a representative from the technical staff, and representatives from the academic staff. The number of representatives from each group will be as follows:

  • First Year: 3
  • Second Year: 3
  • Third Year: 3
  • Technical Staff: 1
  • Academic Staff: 3
In addition the committee may invite individuals representing particular interests, e.g. CompSoc, to attend meetings, should this be deemed necessary.


The committee for each year will elect a Chairperson, who will normally be one of the student representatives. The committee will also choose a Secretary, who will normally be one of the academic staff representatives.


Elections for the student representative posts will take place in the first week of December of each Academic year. Those elected will serve until the period of the next elections.

Frequency of meetings

The committee shall meet once a month during the teaching terms. Additional meetings may be arranged as the occasion demands.

External liaison

The minutes of each meeting will be prepared by the Secretary for circulation to all students and inclusion in academic staff meeting agenda. A copy of these will also be forwarded to the B.S.M.C. Staff-Student Committee. Matters discussed during a meeting which are considered to be confidential will be excluded from such minutes. Where it is considered that such matters merit further action, the Secretary will prepare a confidential summary of the points at issue and communicate this to the Head of Department for discussion.