Research Areas

My research is related to natural language processing, text mining, and data mining. The specific areas include
R1: Relation Extraction
Extract semantic relations from unstructured data.
R2: Document Classification and Annotation
Annotate texts automatically by keywords with deep learning.
R3: Knowledge Organisation
Organise information & knowledge to support access and retrieval.
R4: Information Behaviour
Searching, online self-archiving, health information behaviour.


(Marked by research areas R1-R4)
  • H. Dong, V. Suárez-Paniagua, W. Whiteley, H. Wu, Explainable Automated Coding of Clinical Notes using Hierarchical Label-wise Attention Networks and Label Embedding Initialisation. arXiv:2010.15728, accepted to Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2021, pp. 1-21 (suppl. pp. 1-4). (R2) [preprint on ArXiv] [github]
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  • H. Dong, "Cognitive Invisibility" of Postgraduate Students’ Information Seeking on the Web: a Test of Mansourian’s Model," Master Dissertation, Information School, University of Sheffield, 2014, pp. 1-51. (R4) [pdf revised on ResearchGate] [pdf original]


  • H. Dong, H. Wu, C. Sudlow. Initialising Label Embedding for Automated Medical Coding of Clinical Notes. Presented virtually at Healthcare Text Analytics Conference (HealTAC 2020). [programme] [slides] [github]
  • H. Dong. Automatic Annotation of Documents Shared by Users: a Deep Learning Model Integrating Semantic Knowledge and Reading Behaviour (给用户分享的文本自动"贴标签"— 一个融合语义知识和阅读行为的深度学习模型). Presented at The 3rd San Ren Xing Semantic Salon (第三届三人行语义沙龙) in Information Technology for Libraries (IT4L), Topic: "Artificial Intelligence in Libraries" (AI在图情——2019图书馆前沿技术论坛) [in Chinese], Shanghai, China, 14 Aug 2019. (R1) [slides]
  • H. Dong. Introduction to BERT and Transformer: Pre-trained Self-attention Models to Leverage Unlabeled Corpus Data. Presented at PremiLab @ XJTLU, Suzhou, China, 4 Apr 2019. (R2) [slides]
  • H. Dong. iConference Doctoral Colloquium. iConference 2018, Sheffield, UK, 25 Mar 2018. [online brochure]
  • H. Dong. Understanding Social Tags: Relation Extraction and Tag Annotation. Presented at NLP@UoL, Liverpool, UK, 23 Mar 2018. (R1, R2) [slides]
  • H. Dong. How to Automatically Derive Semantic Relations from Social Tags? (如何自动建构社会标签中的语义关系?). Presented at The 1st San Ren Xing Semantic Salon (第一届三人行语义沙龙) [in Chinese], Shanghai, China, 19 Aug 2017. (R1) [slides]
  • H. Dong. Linked Data Consumption and Application Development: a case-study on the Genealogical Open Data from Shanghai Library (关联数据的消费与应用构建: 以上海图书馆家谱开放数据为例). Presented at The 13th Academic Digital Library Symposium (ADLS 2016, 第十三届数字图书馆前沿问题高级研讨班) [in Chinese], Shanghai Library, Shanghai, P.R. China, 5 Dec 2016. [slides] [github] [android 4.0-5.x apk] [android 9+ apk]
  • H. Dong, W. Wang. Learning Structured Knowledge from Social Media Data. Presented at Research talk with visitors from Sungkyul University (Korea). Suzhou, China, 14 Jan 2016. (R1)
  • H. Dong, B. Yu. Modeling Health-Related Topics in an Online Forum Designed for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Presented at 1st XJTLU Research Symposium on Healthy Ageing & Society, Suzhou, China, 14 Dec 2015. (R4) [slides]