Networks and Distributed Computing Group

Academic Staff

Joshua Alcock Vehicle Routing Problems
Prof Danushka Bollegala
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Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
Prof. Leszek Gasieniec
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Head of Group
Algorithms, Distributed Computing and Communication, Networks and Search Problems with applications
Nikhil Mande
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Computational complexity theory
Dr. Othon Michail
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Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Complexity, Computability, Algorithmic Theory of Dynamic Networks, and Programmable Matter
Dr. Terry Payne
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The use of ontological knowledge for the support of agent-based service discovery and the exploration of dialogue-based negotiation approaches to establish contextually-relevant ontological alignment between interacting agents on the fly
Prof. Igor Potapov
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Reachability questions, decidable/undecidable problems concerning automata, formal languages, semigroups and iterative maps. Algorithms and combinatorics on words, abstract algebra, topology and computation theory. Distributed computational models
Prof Paul Spirakis
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Algorithms , Complexity , Foundations of Distributed Computing and Algorithmic Game Theory
Dr. John Sylvester
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Discrete probability; Temporal graph problems
Dr. Sebastian Wild
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Design and analysis of algorithms, computing over compressed data, sorting algorithms, and fundamental data structures
Prof. Prudence Wong
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Design and analysis of algorithms for optimization problems, on-line and approximation algorithms, energy efficient scheduling, graph and network algorithms, network communication algorithms, computational biology
Dr. Viktor Zamaraev
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Discrete mathematics; graph theory; combinatorics; graph algorithms; temporal graphs/networks; distributed graph algorithms
Dr. Michele Zito
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Combinatorics and Computing. Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics with particular focus on random structures and randomized algorithms. Smart Energy and Computational Sustainability

Research Fellows and Assistants

Yi Dong
Ana Garcia-Pulido

PhD Students

Nada Almalki
Elektra Kypridemou
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Graph Theory; Visual Perception; Graph Drawing; Information Visualitation; Knowledge Representation; Artificial Intelligence
George Skretas
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Distributed Systems with particular interest in Programmable Matter
Ben Smith