People – Former Members

People previously associated with TCS@Liverpool:

current members

Irina Biktasheva


Former Research Groups:  Networks

Research Interests:  Computational mathematicscomputational sciencenon-linear waves in regimes of self-organised synchronisationasymptotic theory of spiral waveswave-particle duality of dissipative vorticescomputer modelling for cardiologyHPC

Thomas Carroll

University Teacher   

Former Research Groups:  ACTONetworks

Research Interests:  High performance computingBioinformaticsString algorithmsCombinatorial Optimization

Yannis Goulermas


Former Research Groups:  ACTO

Research Interests:  Machine learningpattern recognitiondata analytics, modelling and optimisation

Karoliina Lehtinen CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université, LIS


Former Research Groups:  Verification

Research Interests: 

Reino Niskanen

University Teacher   

Former Research Groups:  ACTONetworks

Research Interests:  Decidability questions in different computational models

Martin Zimmermann


Former Research Groups:  ACTOVerification

Research Interests:  Turning reactive synthesis from a decision problem into an optimization problem by studying quantitative winning conditions, by turning qualitative conditions into quantitative ones, and by developing algorithms to compute optimal winning strategies.