PostGraduate Research

Information for PhD Students

Annual Progress Requirements

The University requires each PhD/MPhil student to satisfy two annual progression requirements

  • maintain an online record of their research progress in their formal meetings with their supervisor; and
  • record their personal and professional development throughout their research degree
This was formerly known as the personal development record (PDR). This is done using the Liverpool PGR Toolbox. Information about why this is required and how to do this is on the PGR Development Team website, Annual Progression Requirements.

The annual progression requirements include a Record of Supervisory Meetings which your supervisor should sign off the meeting immediately afterwards. In order to make this process as easy and useful as possible, the department recommends that you always record every meeting with your supervisor. After each meeting, just record the things that you discussed in the meeting, and what you will now do before the next meeting. Your supervisor will have a chance to agree the targets. This record will provide a useful record of your progress. These should be entered at regular intervals during the year.

You need at least 12 meeting records per year (counted from June until the end of May the following year). These should be recorded regularly one per month. Year one students need a pro-rata amount. The University view this as a professional requirement and part of good practice; are using this as evidence of student engagement with their studies; as a formal record of meetings (and can be used in appeals); is part of the University regulations and will affect progression, possibly funding and has visa implications for international students. It is important to do this every month, every year --- you won't be able to progress, or to submit your thesis, unless you have done it.