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Your first point of contact is your supervisors. Your supervisor should also propose two IPAP members who can give additional advice and will assess your progress at the end of each year. Here is a summary of the responsibilities of both supervisors and students taken from the Computer Science PGR Handbook. This has been adapted from the PGR Code of Practice.

If you have any concerns over your PhD programme please talk to your supervisors, IPAP members, the EEE/CS Postgraduate Administrator (Alison Goodyear and Joe Sheridan), the Computer Science Director of Studies (Giorgos Christodoulou) or any other staff member you feel comfortable talking to.

There are many University Support Services that can help you during difficult circumstances. Please see the links further down the page.

Here is a list of students, their supervisors and IPAP members.

Here is a list of progress dates for students starting during the academic year (rather than September-November).

Useful Contacts

University PGR web sites

Postgraduate Research Staff-Student Liaison Committee

The PhD representatives who sit on the Postgraduate Staff-Student Liaison Committee are

PhD Progress Committee

Following the End of Year Progress IPAP meetings, borderline or unsatisfactory PhD End of Year Progress Reports are passed to the PhD Progress Committee to assess progress.

The PhD Progress Committee for 2011-13 was Clare Dixon, Paul Dunne, Leszek Gasieniec, Piotr Krysta.
The PhD Progress Committee for 2013-17 was Clare Dixon, Paul Dunne, Martin Gairing, Darek Kowalski.
The PhD Progress Committee for 2017-19 was Clare Dixon, Giorgos Christodoulou, Martin Gairing, Yannis Goulermas, Darek Kowalski.

PhD Handbooks

University and the Student Guild Support Services


Mail addressed to postgraduate students is delivered to the mailboxes located in the common room on the ground floor. You should check your mailbox and your electronic mail regularly.