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Seminars and Postgraduate Workshop

It is important to supplement your own research activity by attending presentations by other academics and PhD students, which will give you a broader perspective on computer science research.

The Postgraduate Workshop

All PhD and MPhil students are expected to attend the the Postgraduate Workshop, where second-year PhD students give talks for a general CS audience. Your IPAP members will provide feedback on the talk. Lunch is usually provided, so this will also give you a chance to interact with other PhD students and staff. All PhD students must attend (this is needed in order to fulfil the `training' part of your PhD). Attendance will be taken.

Attendance at the Postgraduate workshop is compulsary for PhD/MPhil students. This is required for the training portion of your PhD, which you need to complete in order to progress and/or to submit your thesis.


Additionally to broaden your knowledge you should attend the following. Attendance at Departmental Seminars is strongly encouraged and helps inform your research, keep up to date with current research in Computer Science and make conatct with leading researchers. Please contact the seminar organiser if you have suggestions of seminar speakers.

You are also encouraged to attend research seminars in EEE and other parts of the University.