Prospective PhD Students

PostGraduate Research

Postgraduate Workshop 2019

This will be held on 1st and 2nd May 2019 (week 11 in semester two) in the Ashton Lecture Theatre. It will run from 13.00-16.45 on Wednesday 1st May and 9.15-15.00 on Thursday 2nd May.

The workshop will be organised by Darek Kowalski. A schedule of talks is now available.

All PhD students should attend every session. Feedback will be provided by IPAP members or their replacement. Staff providing feedback on the talks please find the Feedback Form here. Please return this to Alison on the day of the workshop. She has a desk on the ground floor of the Ashton Building where you can leave it. Darek may also be willing to collect physical copies on the day and to pass these together to Alison. Please be prompt with doing this.

Here are the students we believe should be doing talks. If you have any queries please contact Darek.

  • Alajlan, Saad
  • Alcock, Joshua
  • Almethen, Abdullah
  • Alsaadi, Mahmood
  • Alshehri, Mohammed
  • Alves, Flavia
  • Butterworth, James
  • Castellini, Jacopo
  • Elkin, Yuri
  • Guest, Martin
  • Nasyrov, Evgenii
  • O'Neill, James
  • Protopaps, Nikos
  • Theofilatos, Michail
  • Smith, Philip